Tourist curiosities

Huy is located on the banks of the Meuse in the heart of Condroz , halfway between Liège and Namur . As the Château de Bonne espoir is located on the edge of the woods of Tihange, we are in direct connection with the marked walks existing on Huy and Modave.

Nuclear power plants, so controversial in the past, are now scheduled to be closed on 1/2/2023 for Tihange 2, 1/9/2025 for Tihange 1 and 1/10/2025 for Tihange 3. .

A stay at Bonne Espérance therefore puts you 30 minutes from Liège and Namur .The latter is the capital of Wallonia and Liège was the capital of the eponymous principality for centuries.

The town of Huy, daughter of the Meuse, has a remarkable civil and religious real estate heritage. Its museum, its collegiate church and its typical alleys are worth stopping by.

The Condroz of Liège is one of the most beautiful regions of Belgium. It has the particularity of offering incredible landscapes and villages whose authenticity has been preserved.

Buildings that are part of the exceptional heritage of Wallonia are located a stone's throw away. Among them we count the castle of Modave, the castle of Jehay , the collegiate church of Amay and theAbbey of Peace God .

Going up the course of the Meuse, you can also discover Dinant , the castles of Freyr and the water gardens of Annevoie.

Cycling enthusiasts are privileged. The famous " Mur de Huy " is a 10-minute walk away and bicycles can be stored in our garage.

The Ravel network passes 1km from the castle. It allows to cross the Meuse valley towards Maastricht or Dinant while another arm crosses the Condroz of Liège towards the Condroz of Namur (Ciney)